Zurücknehmen is the artistic practice of philosopher Liam Sprod, based in London, UK. It takes its starting point from the lament of Adrian Leverkühn in Thomas Mann's Doktor Faustus: "I find that it is not to be. The good and the noble, what we call the human, although it is good and noble. What human beings have fought for and stormed citadels, what the ecstatics exultantly announced — that is not to be. It will be taken back. I will take it back [Ich will es zurücknehmen]." With this cry Leverkühn captures the condition of modern art and Doktor Faustus becomes its ur-text. This is the starting point for the exploration of the barbarism of civilisation, demonology, the myth of reason and the reason of myth, the alchemy of empty space, numerology, melancholia, abstraction and the real. The practice itself is a combination of photography, drawing, burning, chemicalization and conceptualization... an alchemy of creation.